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Lewis and Clark: Journal Summaries

Summary: These pages summarize the journals written by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark  during their expedition to ensure that the land newly acquired under the Louisiana Purchase came under the control of the United States before either Britain, or any of the other European countries, made claims to it. The expedition would require trading with Indian tribes, as well as exploring and mapping the territory while finding a water route to the Pacific.

Lewis and Clark - Lewis and Clark Journal Summaries
12.12.1803  08.01.1804 The expedition members train, and prepare, before setting off on their journey.


08.02.1804  08.29.1804 The Corps of Discovery encounter Indians, for the first time, and suffer a fatality.


08.30.1804  09.30.1804 Problems with the Teton Sioux.


10.01.1804  01.14.1805 Fort Mandan is built and Sacagawea arrives with her husband, who is hired as an interpreter. 


01.15.1805  06.01.1805 A birth, a Grizzly encounter and the first sighting of the Rockies.
06.02.1805  06.15.1805 A fork in the river and the expedition’s first cache.
06.16.1805  08.12.1805 Around the falls and into Shoshone territory.
08.13.1805  08.29.1805 Meeting and trading with Sacagawea’s nation, the Shoshone.
08.30.1805  10.06.1805 The horses struggle and a change of diet leads to illness.
10.07.1805  11.09.1805 Approaching the Pacific Ocean.
11.10.1805  12.07.1805 Struggling to keep anything dry, the Corps of Discovery sought a location for their winter camp.
12.08.1805  01.10.1806 Fort Clatsop is built and a small party search for a whale.
01.11.1806  03.22.1806 Winter in Fort Clatsop and preparation for the return journey.
03.23.1806  04.18.1806 The return journey began with strong currents and problems with some Indians.
04.19.1806  05.01.1806 The expedition switches from canoes to horseback and meets the Walla Walla Indians.
05.02.1806  05.30.1806 Heading towards the Bitterroot Mountains and notable generosity from some Indians.
05.31.1806  06.22.1806 An unsuccessful attempt to cross the Bitterroot Mountains.
06.23.1806  07.02.1806 Into the mountains and a decision to divide the Corps of Discovery.
07.03.1806  07.17.1806 The expedition divides and explores different routes.
07.18.1806  07.27.1806 Clark loses several horses and Lewis encounters the Blackfeet Indians.
07.28.1806  08.13.1806 Lewis is shot and the Corps of Discovery reunites.
08.14.1806  08.31.1806 Lewis and Clark arrive back at the Mandan villages and face the Teton Sioux again.
09.01.1806  09.23.1806 The Lewis and Clark Expedition concludes.
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Lewis and Clark Expedition: Lewis and Clark Journal Summaries

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